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RaiseRight has helped 50,000+ nonprofit organizations raise over $800M for their missions in an ingenious new way: gift card fundraising. Imagine you’re a youth sports team. Instead of selling candy bars door-to-door, you provide a self-serve web portal for friends, family, etc. to purchase gift cards for things they actually need. Brands such as Target, Amazon, The Home Depot, and hundreds more will automatically donate a percentage of the gift card face value to the non-profit organization -- typically 4%, but sometimes upwards of 15%.


The name ‘RaiseRight’ is a 2022 rebrand. For decades, they were known as ShopWithScrip and needed to switch, a 20+ year old authoritative domain, to, a brand new domain with little clout in Google. Wisely, they hired us 8 months before the eventual change was to take place, giving us plenty of time to prepare an airtight SEO domain migration strategy.

In addition, RaiseRight (formerly ShopWithScrip) had done a good job at infiltrating their lowest funnel market segment in SEO: the hundreds of people nationally who know about and search for ‘gift card fundraising’, ‘scrip fundraising’ etc. But take one step up the funnel, and the thousands of people searching for ‘fundraising for nonprofits’, ‘fundraising for schools’, etc. would have a difficult (or oftentimes impossible) time finding our client organically in Google search.


After a thorough keyword research and discovery phase, we decided to focus on the following:

1. Construct a 6-month roadmap for successfully migrating the old, high ranking domain to the new. It started with establishing a new SEO keyword-to-page strategy that would serve as the blueprint for our domain migration plan. We left no stone unturned. If a keyword/and or page was driving substantive traffic on the old site, we made sure to find a unique place for it on the new site.

2. Pave the way for mid-funnel keyword expansion. From keyword research, to strategy, to tactical optimization, we broke ground with a new taxonomy focused on attracting churches, schools, bands, sports teams, and other nonprofit organizations.

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In April 2022, we successfully migrated a 59 domain authority site to a 38 domain authority site, with traffic levels immediately on par with the former site. And within a month post-migration, the new site was driving more than 2x the organic impressions in comparison to the old site.

As of November 2022, we now have 33 high-volume keywords (1k+ searches/month) ranking on page one in Google, compared to 17 when we started. And we now have 48 ranking in the top 2 pages in Google compared to 28 when we started. This is a true before/after measuring the same keyword set (i.e., no new keywords were added to inflate the numbers).

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