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A business model that makes sense

Having the opportunity to help grow someone else's agency for nearly a decade before starting my own, I learned a ton about what works (and what doesn't) in terms of earning a client's long-term business.

What was the lightbulb moment? Like most companies, the traditional agency model is built on the foundation of growing and scaling the agency -- not growing and scaling the individual businesses that choose to put their trust in the agency. Think of it this way: A traditional agency can still find success in closing two new clients for every one they lose. But where does that leave you, the client?

If you can negotiate your way toward working with a traditional agency's "A-team," you'll likely find success. But even with the A-team secured, you still risk the likelihood that employee churn or rotation halts your progress at some point.

At QoQ Digital, all clients work directly with Drew. I'm naturally limited in scale, so I focus on my existing clients rather than continuously signing new ones -- a quality-over-quantity (QoQ) approach.

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Drew Pearson presenting at 2017 Moz STAT event
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Drew Pearson, Lauren Pearson, and Riggins Pearson in Crested Butte

Drew's story

I'm from Chicago but currently live in Denver with my wife, Lauren, and our dog, Riggins.

I’ve been fully entrenched in the digital marketing space for over 12 years. I started my career at a Chicago-based digital marketing agency called Logical Media Group. I joined in the startup stage (employee #6), was quickly promoted to leadership, and ultimately helped the founder grow it to 45+ employees and an Inc. 5000 fastest growing business. During my 9.5 year tenure, I led the SEO department (a team of ~10 SEO specialists) and then eventually became the Associate Director of Media, leading the respective SEO, SEM, and Paid Social department heads. In March ’21, I made an amicable exit and started my own shop.

In terms of capabilities, my life’s passion and core competency falls in SEO. I’ve developed proprietary (and proven) keyword research methodologies, spoken at industry events, and taught/led dozens of colleagues to success of their own.

Beyond SEO, I also help clients with SEM (search engine marketing i.e., Google Ads). However, it’s a little different in that I don’t typically seek large, SEM-only clients (think: $100k+ in monthly media). Rather, I offer a unique "hybrid search" approach for clients, identifying ways to help SEO fuel SEM (and vice versa), with the goal of finding the best combination of SEO and SEM to maximize return. I also remove the barrier to entry that most businesses face when looking to work with a traditional agency (most agencies have separate minimums for SEO and SEM because you’re working with two siloed departments).

Lastly, I offer an advanced skillset in custom Google Analytics configurations. I'm a product expert in Google Analytics 4, Tag Manager, and Looker Studio.

Organizations that trust QoQ Digital

QoQ Digital works in a consortium with two other business owners

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SEO, Google Ads, & Analytics expert with 12+ years experience. Owner of QoQ Digital.
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SEO expert with 8+ years experience. Owner of Rebel Cause Digital.
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Google Ads expert with 21 years of experience. Owner of CliqSpark.
Drew works 1:1 with all of QoQ Digital's clients. But for some projects, Drew will retain either Sara or Anish to maximize brainpower and productivity. As a testament to the "quality over quantity" approach, we never outsource work beyond our consortium.

Other strategic partnerships

I'm proud to work closely (think: shared clients, ideas, etc.) with the following organizations.
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"QoQ Digital has embedded easily into all our content generation processes and has delivered results on our SEO and SEM strategies. We've grown organic website traffic and improved our rankings to the top of page 1 on Google search results for many critical keywords.”
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Kim Weins
SVP Marketing (2020-22)

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