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Partner 1:1 with an expert who will take the time to understand your business and build a winning end-to-end search strategy.

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The Tangibles

Mockup of QoQ Digital's proprietary SEO strategy document
Understand the "why"
We are only as good as the data that drives our decision making. We continue to evolve our proprietary keyword research and other processes on this precedent.
Mockup of QoQ Digital's proprietary SEO strategy document
See your entire strategy at a glance
The data-driven blueprint for everything we do. The source of truth that grows and evolves with time.
Mockup of QoQ Digital's deliverable pipeline status document
Manage in-flight recommendations
A real-time deliverable pipeline keeps everyone accountable and attributes performance to the right tactics and channels.
Mockup of QoQ Digital's custom segmented landing page analytics
Monitor performance
Unleash the power of custom segmentation. Delineate the attribution of search efforts from other variables.

The Intangibles

Quality > Quantity

This sparked the creation of QoQ Digital and is rooted in everything we do. You’ll work with one or two highly skilled and experienced team members -- not an account manager, junior staff, outsourced helpers, or a mix thereof. And you’ll receive thorough, strategic recommendations driven by data, research, and genuine curiosity.

Fluidity > The Status Quo

QoQ Digital’s specialized, dual-channel skillset removes the rigidity and cost barrier associated with siloed SEO and SEM. This unified, fluid approach typically generates a higher combined ROI.

Holistics > Search

QoQ Digital takes humility in understanding that search is rarely the only variable at play, nor the most important one. This concept comes naturally for in-house marketing executives. That’s not always the case for specialized vendors.

The Results

The Services


A unified, fluid approach to reach an optimal ROI between the collective mix of both search channels.


Ongoing research, analysis, strategy, and optimization -- with a key emphasis on prioritization.


Carefully crafted, ROI-focused, and rooted in efficiency. We find what works, then we grow it and continue testing.

SEO Website Migration

Successful transference of SEO rankings/traffic. This high-stakes & formidable undertaking is Drew’s specialty.

Technical SEO

Diagnosis and remediation surrounding site speed & core vitals, semantic markup, redirect strategy, error remediation, etc.

Keyword Research

Data-driven, strategic direction from Drew’s proven, proprietary, and always-evolving keyword research methodology.

Local & International SEO

Google My Business auditing and optimization (local SEO). Hreflang strategy, auditing, and implementation (International SEO).

Content Strategy

Data-driven keyword research to inform a feasible keyword-based content strategy, including content briefs.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Google Analytics + Tag Manager + Data Studio configurations, including custom event tracking.


Are you taking on new clients?

Yes. And I typically work on a referral-basis. Good chances are that's how you got here, but if not, I'd still love to meet you.

How much do you cost?

I'm competitive with mid-size agencies, but drive the value of an expert committee. 100% of our cost goes toward talent and the tools we use. No overhead. No frills. No high-margin, junior staff.

Who will I work with?

Many agencies rely on outsourcing and/or entry-level staff to increase profits. At QoQ Digital, you will always work directly with Drew. And in some cases (mostly for larger projects) you'll also work with one of his two strategic partners.

Do you take on pro-bono work?

Yes. I initiate most of these for people and small businesses I love. But feel free to reach out.

Ready to connect?

Get in touch through the site or find me on LinkedIn.
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