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BioTech company drives 900% more revenue with improved Google Ads strategy

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My client (who wishes to remain anonymous) provides advanced and comprehensive umbilical cord blood & tissue banking services. They're privately owned and pride themselves on never cutting corners or sacrificing quality, while still remaining competitive in their pricing. They saw a negative ROI in paid search for several years with another agency, and were looking for a new partner to help turn the ship around.


First, they had a rough go at finding a good search partner. For years, they dealt with a constant rotation of account managers and regressing performance, among other issues.

Second, competition has gotten stiffer with each passing year. While they’re a small, privately owned operation, they’re pitted against several publicly traded companies with ~25x larger media budgets.


After careful research, we decided to focus on the following:

  1. Gain an understanding of which keywords drive revenue, not just leads. It started with analyzing over a year’s worth of Salesforce data and evolved into the successful importation of offline sales data into Google Ads.
  2. Improve efficiency on a per click basis in search, without sacrificing quality. This is a tough task in any industry -- but with my client being the David in Goliath’s world, paying too much per click simply isn’t sustainable.
  3. Put more emphasis on experimentation. Testing needs to be purposeful above all else, but for perspective, we ran more experiments in our first year than their previous 5 years combined.
  4. Utilize offline conversion data. We configured the passing of the Google Click ID (GCLID) into their CRM. Then for any converted leads, we passed the GCLID back into Google Ads. This helped Google’s bidding algorithm focus more on quality (and not just quantity).
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In just under two years, we increased conversions by 920% with only a 59% increase in spend. And more importantly, we increased SQLs by 1550% and paid search-driven revenue by 900%.

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